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Spring is here! These sunnier days and warmer temperatures are lifting moods and our thoughts turn to planting our garden.  Here at Martinborough Manor we have six acres to grow our food.  Our food forest alone covers over half an acre. But you don’t need six acres to start farming and growing your own food.  When I talk to others about growing my own food, many say that they wish they could do it, too, BUT [insert excuse here]. If that sounds like you, I’m about to bust the top 4 excuses to not grow at least some of your own food.           

Excuse #1: “I don’t know what to do.”

Everybody has to start somewhere.  Just do it.

Go to the library and borrow a basic book.

Join a facebook group.

Send us your question.

Excuse #2: “I don’t have the space.” 

Use pots beside pathways, on verandahs, beside the driveway.

Plant fruit trees against fences.

Build a strawberry tower or a potato tower.

Grow herbs on your window sill.

Ask us for ideas.

Excuse #3: “It costs too much.” 

A packet of seeds costs a few dollars and will last several years carefully stored.

Join a seed swap in your area.

Recycle old buckets, wooden pallets, old gumboots, old planter boxes to plant in to.

Make your own compost – don’t know how? Ask Google

In November 2017 pumpkins cost $23 each.  Can you afford not to grow your own pumpkins?
Excuse #4: “I don’t have much time.” 

Daylight saving was put in place to give us an hour a day to grow food – that’s all it takes (and you get exercise at the same time.)

A quick walk around the plot after work each night is all that is required.

A few weeds don’t matter.

It is quicker to pull a few carrots for dinner than drive to the supermarket and buy a bag.

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