Christmas is coming, so is the preserving season – are you ready?

’tis almost Christmas!  The first of December, how did that happen?  I guess the same way it happens every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it also means that it is almost the preserving season as well, or at least if would be if the weather sorted itself out.  By preserving food that either you grow or have bought cheaply in season, you can go some way to secure food security for you and your family.
So many people have asked me to create an on-line preserving course – it took an awful lot of time, and quite a lot of blood, sweat and the odd harsh word, but it’s ready.  Yay. It is now online here .  It comes with a lifetime (of the course, not mine) of support and a new preserving recipe every fortnight.  There are several recipes on the course already.  If you have a question after buying the course, you are able to message me and ask for help.  If the answer is simple, I can message you back, if it’s not, then I can either invite you to a one-on-one zoom session or make another short video to help you with your problem.  

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