Building a pantry of staples, without breaking your budget.

It seems a good time to start having a small stockpile of non-perishable foods, just in case.

For less than $15 a week, over twelve weeks you can set up a sensible stash! If this doesn’t work for you, do the spend once a month, so instead of WEEK 1, make that MONTH 1. After a year, you will still have set up a useful pantry. Do this on top of your usual shop.

Print this list out or have it on your phone and check off each item as you shop.  This is only a weekly/monthly addition, don’t try and do it all at once, or you will notice the addition to your shopping spend.

  • WEEK 1             spend $15 on rice
  • WEEK 2             spend $10 on beans (canned or dried, your preference)
  • WEEK 3             spend $10 on sugar
  • WEEK 4             spend $5 on salt
  • WEEK 5             spend $15 on milk powder
  • WEEK 6             spend $10 on baking powder
  • WEEK 7             spend $10 on dried onion/onion flakes
  • WEEK 8             spend $5 on garlic powder
  • WEEK 9             spend $5 on cocoa powder
  • WEEK 10           spend $10 on flour
  • WEEK 11           spend $10 on oats
  • WEEK 12           spend $60 on oil, vinegar or anything else that is missing

Total spend $165 over 12 weeks/months!

Check out the information on our Homesteading course, below, for much more information on how to provide and preserve food for you or your family

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